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Not just another fitness program

What sets NLXF apart from other fitness programs is that every location builds personal relationships in a team oriented atmosphere where you have the challenge of bettering yourself every day. It starts with the diverse workouts, high energy, and the team support from everyone in the program. The leadership of the trainers and the culture of the program will keep this the top fitness program in every community that NLXF is apart of. The trainers and others in class truly care about you and want you to succeed and reach your goals. The trainers and members bring an energy to the room that fuels every person in class to take the next steps in their fitness journeys.


Kickboxing at NLXF is unlike kickboxing you are going to find anywhere else. Why? It is a very fun and entertaining way to get a great cardio workout in.


Strength and cardio classes at NLXF can be described using one word: variety.


One of the reasons working out on your own is difficult is because it lacks accountability. If you don’t workout, no one notices.

NLXF is Family

NXLF is more than a fitness program. We are a family. One that supports, encourages and holds one another accountable for achieving their fitness goals.


Jamie Petersen

Being a part of NLXF is being a part of something greater than yourself, but also being able to accomplish your personal goals and having all sorts of people encourage you along the way.


LeAnne Tucker

I love the family atmosphere! I have become good friends with people I probably would have never met. I love how every day keeps me on my toes. I could never recreate this workout.


Toni Brown

The amazing people keep me coming back day after day. No matter the class I attend, there is someone there to motivate, encourage and support me. It truly makes working out fun.

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